Have to admit was a bit of a sceptic when it came to ordering my bud on line, bin used to dropping in and getting my bud from the guy next door, the product is very good and the delivery is consistent , better to order Sunday Evening for best delivery times, this was my 2nd order and convinced this is the way to go, no mess no fuss, rest-assured will be keeping my account open, thanks IM, keep up the good job. February 15, 2018 
James. J Parker
 It was a pleasure getting to visit your farm and was amazed to actually see the cultivation process in real time, i am looking forward to beginning a small farm of mine and as you promised I expect some help from you as you keep doing your thing gs. 
Naomi Martha
 For the first time I couldn’t believe I could actually by weed online with my credit but yea I felt like it was worth giving a try and then “boom” it went through and i only received a notification and delivery got to me in two days, I must say you people are doing a great job so far.  
Martins. J
 Very good online store, fast delivery and discreet, I am very satisfied and I will recommend soon !!! 
 My first time buying online and it was awesome i bought the ounce special and they ran out and i got a free upgrade i am very happy with my purchase and will be buying again and its fast delivery. October 3, 2018 
 All I can really say is that you are one of the few honest companies left. This is because of all the years I have been dealing with you, whenever I feel dissatisfied with a product and come back for a refund I am immediately reimbursed, unlike other companies who will want you to wait for over thirty days for your own money all in the name of “processing refund” which to me sounds like a ponzy scheme. I give you a five star rating to your Money-back Guarantee policy 
Rob J.
  I have made several online purchases from you over the past three months and not even once have i encountered any problems. Everything thing comes in within two days just as mentioned in your shipping policy and I must say you are doing a great job in honoring your words  
 I’ve ordered several times and have been happy every time with the quality and the services. I do wish there was more selection. Especially of hash and other concentrates. September 9, 2018 
 I looked everywhere to find good shatter,for a great price and there was Infusemeds with the best price and wow their shatter is really good I am so stoned thanks so much you guys for helping me out, fantastic,unbelievable and they sent a gift wow is all I can say,the best yet. Thank you to the crew you are doing a great job,I was not even worried about sending money that’s two times and it all worked out great. Thanks thanks June 25, 2017 
 I purchased the OG Kush (Awesome Deal btw!) And man this is some good ish! I was feeling frazzled after the first few draws. It burns well and has great bag appeal. I would definitely buy again without question. August 11, 2018 
John C from Calgary
 Wow, ordered it Thursday – got it tuesday after the long weekend…… Very nice delivery. I measured it on scale to be precise.. it was actually more than what it was. I got hooked up phat 🙂 thx guys… you guys rock!! keep up the good work… stay medicated.. peace  
Greg Sam
 Extremely quick and discreet shipping, excellent prices and super strong product. Responsive and friendly customer service. Earned a customer!! 
Tony. A from Montreal
 I must say am so grateful for saving my kid, the Nabiximols I got is a real life saver for little Banay and since last year it has been of great service to us, if I was to rate you I will gladly say you are so far the best online dispensary I could ever think of and sure to say I will remain a loyal customer 
 Great first purchase from Infuse Meds I tried a one of each sativa and indica. nice moist buds coated with THC and a nice mild smooth with a big bang. Purchase was easy and delivery was fast. The company even did a follow up, to make sure my purchase went smoothly. can’t go wrong at this price IMHO. 
Monica Liz
 Fast and discreet shipping. The product itself was very fresh and exceeded my expectations. I really like that you can purchase individual grams as this made it possible for me to try a bunch of different strains without breaking the bank. Lastly the customer service was super nice to boot! I look forward to ordering again  
Bryan. J.N
 Your speed of shipping is really satisfying, I placed an order in the morning and was very surprised to have the tracking number by mid day, I will always recommend you for anyone who wants a speedy delivery. 
Jess. M from France
 Vraiment satisfais de mon achat seulement deux jours pour recevoir ma commande et la qualité du produit est incomparable, légèrement plus cher que le produit que l’on trouve sur la rue mais quand vous goûtez vous comprenez rapidement pourquoi. Je suis à mon second achat avec se dispensaire CWD et leur souhaite longue vie.  
 The first time I ordered from Infuse Meds I needed assistance thus I asked them questions online and was so happy that they responded in a polite, professional manner and within a short period of time. The ordering process was efficient and secure and my order was filled quickly without a hitch. Here comes the good part! The quality for the price you pay is out of this world. I am definite multi repeat client od quick greens. August 24, 2018 
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